We work with patient-oriented solutions in clinical studies with our team of healthcare professionals. We are with you as a team with our competent, reliable and quality services.

Our job is to make your job easier

We are with you with our professional staff for the right seamless full protocol compliance at the scheduled time, the right record, the right data entry, and unlimited accountability. Your needs are our unit duty with our expert staff experienced in sensitive groups. Our job is to make your job easier at every point of your clinical research, from field feasibility studies to completion of closing visits.

We are all over Turkey

Project Management

Feasibility Evaluations and Site Selection on Process
phasel-ııı Clinical Trials
Observational Studies
Medical Device Studies

Site Organization Management

Medical Equipment and Device Management

Logistics services


Purchase of medical supplies, storage, distribution, purchase of medical devices and annual follow-up of all calibration processes

Our company mission is to exceed expectations


To ensure the continuity of volunteer selection compliance, which is a key point in clinical research, to take the trial to the environment where the volunteer is located, to make accurate, reliable, protocol applications with scalable adaptable methods under the guidance of local regulations and GCP, and to ensure that the data is recorded accurately and completely on time, and reaches the research team and the sponsor.


To be the first choice CRO with our accurate, reliable and professional service understanding, knowing that every clinical trial and volunteer is unique. In our journey, which we set out with the principles of quality and unlimited accountability in the developing and changing clinical research world, we aim to be an academy that quickly meets the needs of today and in the future, offers patient-oriented solutions, and is the address of quality in service for our new stakeholders.