Our Company Values

Creator of quality designs and thinker of fresh ideas.

HABCARE CRO, which was established with 20 years of experience , is Turkey's first contracted research institution, all of whose founders are nurses. We follow GCP guidelines in our services in accordance with global and local regulations. In the developing world of clinical research, whose needs are changing, we offer rational and realistic solutions to cope with difficulties with our amateur spirit and professional competence.
HABCARE CRO, which was established by experienced and competent research nurses in the field of Clinical Research and capable of fully responding to the needs of our sector, primarily provides On-site and Off-site clinical research nurse support, which is a first in Turkey.
Our research nurses, whom we have authorized as a member of the research team, have been welcomed by research teams and volunteers in clinical trials.
We are able to serve in every province of our country.
During the voluntary home visits, the HABCARE CRO nurse did the work drug administration, venous blood sample collection for PKs and lab samples, preparation of samples, etc. It also informs the study center by making patient evaluations together with the patient. All logistics of patient visits are followed by the HABCARE CRO Research Nursing Project Manager, including arranging couriers, transporting the nurse to the field, and dedicated nurse training. In addition, quality control and source documents are evaluated and delivered to the sponsor in a timely manner.Our Research Nurses use their experience and knowledge to help us avoid any problems when managing patients in their settings, at home. This is a very specific task and they tailor their support to meet our needs as well as their study protocol needs. We work in harmony with the working teams, benefiting from our experience and professionalism.